Merits of Egyptian Cotton

There is a consensus that the Egyptian cotton growth is the best of species raised in the world. Its properties are not paralleled and cannot be produced anywhere else, as it has:

  •  The highest fiber strength.
  •  The remarkable fineness.
  •  High maturity.
  •  Length of over 1.3/8 inch for ELS varieties and over 1.1/4 inch for LS varieties.
  •  High regularity.
  •  Very small coefficient of variation for each property, variety and bale.
  •  totally free from the honeydew and stickiness.
  •  One should add that each cotton shipment enjoys full homogeneity in all respects. Further, Egyptian cotton as compared to other growths enjoys the least percentage of neps due to the fact that it is manually treated from the stage it is planted till it is delivered to the final customer.