About us

  • We have 08 branches covering all cotton-producing areas.

  • Our annual business volume is around 100 Million US Dollar

  • We succeeded to ship high quality Egyptian raw cotton to many countries all over the world – such as: India, Pakistan, China, Turkey, Thailand, Germany, Bangladesh, Italy, France, Brazil, Japan and many More, this was either as direct sale or through international traders and agents.

  • There are about 68 Egyptian cotton export companies united co. takes the 3rd position of biggest cotton exporters in Egypt but not only the international filed what we deal at we also leaders as sellers for the local mills

  • Our Vision

    We are looking through the future where there are no limits in Technology no limits in developments Since we started and we have got a word which we believe in, inspires us with creativity & provides us with strength and power to continue the road we have started and deliver maximum quality and lowest prices

    • Easy contact.
    • Quick response.
    • Durable, flexible prices offers.
    • High quality (high cotton grades).
    • Accurate documentation of shipping documents (with very short negotiation period).
  • Our Mission

    To obtain higher market share through full trust and satisfaction of our customer’s requirements all over the world.

  • Our History

    1995 United Company For Ginning and Cotton Export founded by our Chairman Mr. Ibrahim A. Ibrahim (Descended from a family in cotton business since 1927)

  • season 05/06, we started the activity of raw cotton export all over the world as a member of ALCOTEXA (Alexandria Cotton Exporters Association) we started this activity with a clear evolution kept us In 3rd Place for the last three seasons among all the Egyptian exporting companies( as per ALCOTEXA reports)

  • Our company has 07 branches covering all cotton-producing areas.

  • for the last years, we were covering a high percentage of local Market requirements of raw cotton (ranked as number one among all the Egyptian companiesĀ  as per CATGO reports)